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Estimated Horse Shows Expense Sheet

At Golden Gaits we understand that going to a horse show, although an exhilarating experience, can also be a hit to your pocket book. We are here to do the best that we can to make each show experience as amazing as possible for everyone. We require that before competing in a horse show that you first go and observe one. We always welcome everyone and anyone who would like to come and support Golden Gaits Equestrian.

Please remember that going to a horse show is worth at least two months of riding at home. It is an unmatchable experience.

The expenses of going to a horse show:

This fee will be determined by the discretion of the trainer based upon the time, location, and distance to travel. It is subject to change, and the hauler will be hired according to the owner's preference.

Show Clipping:

Mane Pulling:
Pony $25
Small horse $30
Large Horse $35

Body Clipping:
Body clipping is required for any A Circuit show depending on the horse.

Mane averages $40+, this is determined by the braider, who is not affiliated with Golden Gaits Equestrian.
Tail averages $35+, this too is determined by the braider, who is not affiliated with Golden Gaits Equestrian

Manes are braided every other day, and tails are braided daily. This is a very difficult task to master, and although students may learn to do this themselves, we suggest hiring a professional through Golden Gaits Equestrian (Schooling shows do not require braiding)

Grooming (week-long shows):
The fee for hiring a groom through Golden Gaits Equestrian is $55 per day.
The groom takes responsibility for your horse or horses during the stay at the horse show. He will begin as early as necessary to get your horse exercised, if needed, as well as bathing, grooming, tacking, unbraiding, and cleaning the provided tack, as well as maintaining the Golden Gaits Equestrian Center's set-up area.

Differs depending on the competition. In addition, each stall will require six bags of bedding that cost approimately $7.50 a bag.

Entrance Fees and Class Fees:
Differs depending on the competition.

Grooming Accessories:

Schooling Fees (Week-long Shows):
Unlike many other trainers, Golden Gaits Equestrian trainers include your weekly lesson during the week. Any extra day spent schooling schooling at the horse show will be an additional $50.

Schooling Fees (One-day Shows):
$50 fee plus $10 per hour fee.

Clothing Items:
Boots (Tall) $300, (Paddock) $80 and Jodhpur Straps $20
Breeches $90
Belt (any black or brown belt will work)
Shirt $30
Hunt Coat $85
Helmet $150
Hairnet $8
Black Gloves $15
This is also a time to consider purchasing your child their own saddle, due to the wear and tear of our personal equipment.

Horse Necessities:
Show Pad (can be purchased at General Feed) (Child then owns the show pad and keeps it with show clothes for future competitions).

If children are wearing paddock boots and Jodhpur straps, they must arrive prepared with their hair already French braided into pig tails with ribbons tied in bows at the ends.

There are always miscellaneous fees that may not be included above. We feel that as trainers it is our duty to provide the information or assistance of the above items in our teachings. Thanks Golden Gaits Equestrian Center, Brittany McMillen and Kristine Schick!